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About Valeriya



Weight management

Digestive wellness

Stress management

Hormonal health

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Men's and Women's Health

My Story


Being a medical doctor by first degree and working in acute cardiology I was thinking how often we know much about good diet and lifestyle, but we don’t always act accordingly and get such drastic complications.

I always wanted to find the root of the disease and prevent complications rather than treat. I have got a chance to study Nutritional Medicine moving to the UK. I have completed one of the best courses for medical practitioners (MSc Nutritional Medicine, Surrey Uni) and a Nutritional Therapy Practice Diploma (CNELM).

I have also successfully completed the NLP practitioner course in 2020.


Running a busy nutritional therapy clinic I am using both my medical knowledge and nutritional therapy approach to get the best result for my clients whether it is weight loss, hormonal imbalance, gut health or stress management. As a professional I know what is best for optimal health and wellbeing and how to meet your individual needs.

Education and work experience:

Уральская Государственная Медицинская Академия – диплом с отличием – специальность «Врач»Ординатура по специальности КардиологияUniversity of Surrey, MSc Nutritional Medicine, Merit – Клинический нутрициологCNELM, Nutritional Therapy Practice Diploma, Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle InterventionsANLP, NLP Practitioner Certificate – НЛП - практик

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